There's a common misconception that goes something like this: If you climb up on the ladder and scoop all the leaves out once a year, your gutters will last forever and never cause you and problems.  Wrong.  Like just about everything in our lives, nothing is impervious to the combination of Mother Nature and passing time.  Gutters rust, detach, crack, warp and the list goes on.  If you want them to last long and function properly, it's definitely worth having them regularly inspected and repaired as needed.

Whether you're new to home ownership or simply looking to get the most from your home's roofing structure, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to gutter maintenance and repairs.

Strong Gutters Help Promote a Safe, Strong Roof

It's understandable that most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the integrity of their home's gutters.  Once the debris is cleared out, we go about our lives as usual.  What many don’t see, is the progressive aging and subtle wear that increases year after year.  Left ignored, the damage can escalate or cause an outright failure that ends up being significantly more costly to replace.

  • Gutters over 10 years old should be inspected at least once a year
  • Many minor gutter repairs can prevent the need for full replacement
  • Clearing brush annually does not prevent all types of gutter damage
  • Blue Nail Roofers offers free gutter check-up with all roof inspections
  • Properly functioning residential gutters have reduced roof system strain
  • Professionals can detect early structural issues not seen to the naked eye

Get A Free Roof & Gutter Inspection in the Dallas TX Area

At Blue Nail Roofing in Dallas, we understand the vast importance of keeping your home as safe and protected as possible.  This is one of the reasons why we offer free Dallas roof inspections, which include a comprehensive evaluation of your home's gutter system.

To schedule your free roof inspection or learn more about the benefits or regular maintenance, call Blue Nail today at 469-726-2176 and one of our experts will be happy to get you started.