Sheet metal roofing offers a level of protection that is incomparable, to others such as tar & gravel, ceramic, wood roofs and shingles.  Many industries rely on standing seam metal roofing for its fire resistant benefits; others use for its weather resistance, low maintenance and performance/longevity value.

  • A Dallas TX leader in standing-seam sheet metal roofs
  • We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services
  • Renowned for its ability to resist flame, hail & winds
  • Metal roofs can last decades when properly maintained
  • Ideal for many industrial & commercial roofing applications

When it comes to unsurpassed quality and selection, Blue Nail Roofing is consistently ranked #1 among commercial Dallas TX roofers.  We can fabricate and design a standing seam sheet metal roof to meet your exact needs, budget and long terms operation concerns.

Call Blue Nail today and find out how advantageous a sheet metal roof system can be.