EPDM roofs remain a sound option for Dallas TX area businesses, especially those where fire and chemical resistance is key.  Rubber roofs such as EPDM, are the preferred system among a wide range of industrial companies, based on their long-lasting durability, unique chemical properties, and economic value over time.  Blue Nail has been installing and maintaining rubber & EPDM roofs in Dallas, for close to fifteen years now.

  • High  performance roofing for Dallas area businesses
  • Can be installed quickly by experienced professional roofers
  • Proven to stand up to Texas heat, sun, wind & rain
  • A very popular option for flat & low-slope roofs in Dallas
  • Dense single-ply membranes prevent leaks & seams

If your property or commercial building currently utilizes rubber roofing or EPDM replacement roofs, consider doing what other successful Dallas businesses have done.  Call Blue Nail for a free consultation and estimate on rubber roofs in Dallas TX, or get additional information on all of our commercial & industrial roof services.