If you own a home in the Dallas area, you already know the importance of making sure that your roof is strong, secure and able to withstand whatever Mother Nature sends your way.  Each year the storms seem to get more frequent and intense, and it's easy to understand why many wait until they're experiencing leaks or damage to call a Dallas roofer.  Still, if it's been a few years since you last had an expert check things out, you could be setting yourself up for even greater damage in the future.

Roofs are incredibly intricate structures that need to be regularly assessed by someone who knows precisely what to look for.  Let's review a few of the benefits to having a Dallas TX roof inspection during the spring months, to ensure a full year of protection from rain, hail, wind and the blistering Texas sun.

Allows Roofers to Identify Slow-forming Problems

Residential roofs take a beating during colder months, making spring a great time to get up there and see what's been taking place over the past few months.  This is an effective time to identify damaged or missing shingles, loose nails, cracks and various other forms of winter-related roof wear and tear.  By catching any issues early in the season, otherwise minor problems won't have the chance to manifest into larger issues that leave your home exposed.

Cheaper to Repair Roofs than Replace Them

Given the chance, most homeowners would agree that it's better to spend money a little fixing minor problems, than struggling with the financial burden of having a full roof replacement after a severe storm.  An annual inspection is bar none the simplest and most economical way to keep your home protected from weather and significant roof damage.  Here at Blue Nail Roofing for example, we offer free roof inspections to make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

New Technology for More Accurate Roof Inspections

Even the most savvy do-it-yourselfers likely won’t have access to today's most advanced roof leak detection tools, such as those used here at Blue Nail Roofing.  Infrared scanners can now detect moisture and leaks faster and more accurately, allowing you to get a roof diagnosis that allows you to make the most informed decision possible.  If you're going to have a Dallas roof inspection, make sure you call a roofer who leads in both experience and technology.

Call the Roofing Company Dallas TX Trusts Every Time

If history is any indication of what Dallas can expect from the weather, it's not worth taking chances on a questionable roof.  Call Blue Nail Roofing in Dallas TX for a free inspection of your residential roof, and find out exactly where you stand.  Give us a call at 469-726-2176 to learn more or schedule your free Dallas roof inspection!